Shirley & Dave Lauer

When we decided to replace our bathtub with a walk in shower- our daughter called BBB- Colvin Kitchen & Bath had an excellent rating. When we signed up it seemed like a lot of money at the time, but it needed to be done. Jeff came at 8:00am. He covered a path through the living room, the “L” shaped hallway to the bathroom. I was impressed. Many trips were made from both rooms to the truck to tear down the old in order to build the new. That is when the price no longer seemed like a lot of money, but a lot of “skilled” work- plumber, electrician and pride in doing the job “well.” Good job, Jeff- we appreciate you ability and enjoy the new walk-in shower, lights, and faucets. Thanks, Guy, for hiring good help and caring about the customer. A satisfied customer and no clean up necessary- NICE!